Friday, 1 November 2013


Everyone has an 'origin story', not unlike heroes, from legends to comic books ... It is somehow symbolic that the first entry of this brand new blog is about the name. We have often been asked what 'Nakari' means, if it even means anything, and here is the promised explanation.

Every dancer or group knows how difficult it is to find a stage name when the time comes, and we were no different. A few criteria were set. It should have to do something with the quality of the dance. It should sound cool. It should have a meaning.

The word root 'naga' comes from sanskrit, and one of its most common meanings is 'snake'. 'Nagari' translates to 'female snakes', sounds cool, but is already an album by a well-known tribal fusion band. 'Nakari' was close enough, still sounded cool and research showed that it is not many things, mostly a paradise island for diving enthusiasts. And then we found Nakari as a character in the works of R.E. Howard, about a world traveler and adventurer Solomon Kane. He describes Nakari, Queen of Negari:

The woman was clad as she had been when he had seen her on the throne, and the coloured armlets and anklets clanked as she closed the door behind her and came into the room. She moved with the easy sinuousness of a she-leopard and in spite of himself the watcher was struck with admiration for her lithe beauty. Yet at the same time a shudder of repulsion shook him, for her eyes gleamed with vibrant and magnetic evil, older than the world.
"Lilith!" thought Kane. "She is beautiful and terrible as Purgatory. She is Lilith—that foul, lovely woman of ancient legend."

The description could as well be of a tribal dancer on stage, at the same time fascinating and alien-like, transformed into a character from another world. It was settled, we had a name! 

If you want to know more about Nakari, Queen of Negari, read the book here: Robert E.Howard: Solomon Kane - The moon of Skulls - 1930

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